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As we move into the summer months here in the Southern tier of New York, and since we have such a small window of hot weather to enjoy (or swelter from) perhaps we should review some healthy hot weather tips; how to stay hydrated during activities and some suggestions on the ever changing and controversial...nutrition topic!


First of most importance is hydration.

When adults or children are in the hot summer sun, playing tennis, jogging, hiking, jungle gym-ing, etc, it is best to take frequent breaks by sitting in shaded areas and ALWAYS keep cool-purified water with you.

Boy Drinking Water


Girl Drinking Water

Having an electrolyte (Sodium, Calcium and potassium replenishing) infused hydration option is often a good idea as well. Eating light-easy to digest meals including fruits, whole grains, small amounts of good fats and lots of fresh vegetables can be super helpful in dealing with heat; your body is already working pretty hard to keep you cool you wouldn't want to overload it by making digestion more difficult.



Girl with Snack

Boy with Snack



Snack suggestions that are great to keep on hand, easy to eat at a moments notice and that are safe to keep unrefrigerated in your backpack are Hummus and celery, Carrots and/or whole grain pita chips, Apples, banana's and pears, frozen melon balls in a 'stay cold' container, trail mixes with dried fruits, granola, nuts and seeds.
I like to keep some cool Peppermint Tea on hand; helps the body cool from the inside, it's so refreshing AND my son even loves it!

I hope these tips have helped remind everyone of creative ways to feed our selves and our precious children and to be SAFE while playing in the beautiful bright sunny weather - Have a wonderful summer!!

Christina M. Lower LMT, L.E., HHC


Christina is a Holistic Health Counselor, as well as a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. If you would like to contact her for a free consultation to decide if health coaching is right for you. Click this link to go to her site "Inner Tranquility"...


During this initial session, she will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how to best support you in achieving your goals or if this is right for you.

GETA would like to thank Christina for putting together our Nutrition Page.